Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Feliz Dia de Muertos!

In Mexico we celebrate Dia de Muertos on November 2nd. A very popular tradition on that day is to compose a small funny rhyme related to Death. Mexicans have a very dark humor in that sense, they like to laugh at Death and they always represent it in a funny way.

I tried to come up with something that would more or less represent this tradition.

Miss Death came nocking on my door
And made me slip while cleaning the floor

I offered her candy from the bowl
But what she wanted was my soul

She took me to her reign below
No matter what she wouldn't let me go

I screamed and ran and cried Oh, no!
She laughed a hundred times or so

Since then I've had to work for her
So if you hear me knocking, beware!

Happy Halloween!!!
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