Friday, October 23, 2009

The "Uncomfortable" Neighbour

There have been many new things that I have learned ever since I came to Canada, things that make us Mexicans very different from Canadians; however, there is one thing that both cultures share... the way we feel about the US.

In Mexico we are always critizing everything the US does, politically, economically, and even culturally. As a neighbor country we are very influenced by everything they do. And I am not talking about things you only hear in the news, I am talking about everyday stuff. For example the movies, 90% of the movies shown in Mexico are American. You get to see snowy winters, yellow cabs, and all sorts of references to a culture that is not your own.

Every year we celebrate Halloween doing the traditional "Trick or Treat" on Oct 31st. We all dress in costumes and walk around the streets without even understanding the meaning of it, and then, 2 days later cemeteries are flooded with people celebrating "Dia de Muertos".

We all brag about our trip to San Antonio and show off our fashionable Gap clothes, why, because that's what we watch on TV every night! The other day my husband and I were laughing so hard remembering how back in the days of Beverly Hills 90210 a lot of babies were being called Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, etc.

Even though here in Canada the influence is not so strong, the US seems to be an uncomfortable neighbour for them too. You hear the same kind of comments about politics and economy and it feels like the American shadow is always upon them. The two countries depend a lot on the US in a lot of aspects. I am sure I will not stop hearing that kind of comments, that's how it will always be, I myself make them every now and then, just like yesterday after reading a comment in a blog from an American girl saying how the US should take over Canada... urghhh!!! Sometimes you just can't help it! Try reading it and see what your reaction is...
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