Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 of My Favourite Cross-Cultural Movies

Here is a list of movies related to cross-cultural issues and languages that I have seen and enjoyed a lot. Do you have any other suggestions?

1. "Love Actually". I love this movie, the way it covers different kind of love stories and the challenges each character faces including cultural diversity and languages.

2. "Lost in Translation". This movie reflects the culture shock you feel when living in a country with a different language and very different customs in a very real way.

3. "The Namesake". When I saw this movie I kept thinking about my son and how he will feel about his inherited culture.

4. "In America". Quote: It's not "José, can you see", it's "Oh say, can you see". Memorable!

5."La Misma Luna" A nice story about the challenges immigrants in Central and South America face when going to the US.

6. "Water" I learned so much from the Indian culture.

7. "Babel" What a great movie (thanks Gabriel for reminding me)

8. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Very funny, and it was filmed in Toronto!

9. "11"09'01-September 11". The effects of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are told from different points of view around the world.

10. "Kavkazskiy Plennik" (Prisoner of the Mountains). Beautiful movie, but it may be difficult to find.


  1. I also recommend the movie 'Broken English' made in 1996, director Gregor Nicholas

  2. Thank you Victor! I haven't seen that one, I will definitely try to get a hold of it!

  3. I really appreciate your suggestions , some of these movies I have already watched and I recommend a movie called "Desert Flower" which reveals us some culture about Somalia.