Tuesday, November 17, 2009

40 Years After, What Have We Done With It!

When Aristotle said "man is a social being" he had no clue of the extent of his statement.

More than two thousand years later, we have proved how right he was. We have taken that concept and exploited it to the point where poeple all over the world are being able to share all kinds of ideas, experiences, questions, etc.

Forty years ago, Leonard Kleinrock sent the first message through the internet not knowing how huge it would become. In an interview by Sharon Gaudin he explained how from the beginning he saw the internet becoming a powerful tool for business, but he never imagined it would have such an impact for social use.

Social media is today the best way of getting to know people no matter where they are. With more than 200 websites dedicated to connecting people with different interests, cultures, ideologies, etc, the concept of globalization has taken a whole new meaning. Not very long ago, people used to say that a book would enable you to travel to other places of the world without leaving your chair; now, the internet allows you to do that and much, much more.

For me, the possibility to share pictures with my family and friends through Facebook; the chance to expand my professional network through Linked In; the opportunity to know what is happening around the world through Twitter and the ability to share all of this through this blog have made my life richer. These tools definitely contribute to the realization of dreams and believing anything is possible.

The fact that I can share thoughts with Sarah Novak in Manila, Cindy King in France, Matthew Bennett in Spain, just to give a few examples, and visit sites like Pocketcultures, ExpatWomen and W-Women Globally bring very interesting experiences to my life. Each day getting into the internet opens so many windows to so many opprotunities...

As human beings we all have that urge to communicate and share our experiences with other people. For me, living abroad and having to adapt to a new culture has become so much easier after reading about other people who have experienced similar situations, it makes me feel I am not alone in my journey through the world.

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