Monday, November 30, 2009

Vivan Las Mujeres!

This morning I received a video in my e-mail and it inspired me to write about women. It was something I wanted to write about a while ago, but for some reason or another I kept postponing it.

The first thing that made me think about this topic was the visit of the CEO of the company I work for, Ms. Yukako Uchinaga. She was in Toronto two weeks ago and for me, having the opportunity to meet (not face to face unfortunately) such a successful woman, was a reminder of the strength and persistence of the gender.

I come from a family who has seen it all: from dissappeared relatives, to terminal and mental deseases; divorces, stepfamily, alcohol... you name it. Women have been the pilars who have stood tall and strong and faced all these difficult situations with a smile in their face hoping for better times to come. Women in my family are the ones who make sure we don't forget about spending time together no matter how far we've gone.

The more people I meet the more I realize how much our role has changed and how much we have achieved. A lot of families today have gone from the two income, two full time working adults setting to the male picking kids up from school, helping them with their homework and fixing dinner because she had to work late kind of thing. In many cases the woman is the one with a better position, salary and therefore more demanding schedule. And even more so, you see more single moms who are successful business women and fantastic mothers. Wow! We have come a long way!

So today I want to thank all the exceptional women in my life for everytthing  they have taught me, not only through their voice but mostly through their acts.

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