Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Is My Responsibility As A Mexican Living Abroad?

Last week I posted a discussion on whether or not Mexicans living abroad had the responsibility to go back and apply what they had learned in a specific field in Mexico to help it grow. This came from an article I read and I have to say that my initial reaction was totally against it. My opinion is that for a lot of the people who have left the country, the reason has been the search for better opportunities, unfortunately Mexico is a country that no longer offers the chance to grow and to have a peaceful and economically stable life. I have always thought that it is unfair to have to go elsewhere to find the kind of life your own land should offer and for that reason I don't feel responsible for going back and sharing what I learned through this experience.

A few hours after posting the discussion I received an e-mail from an uncle telling me that my great grandfather was one of the deputees who signed the Mexican Constitution in 1917. This came as a big surprise for me, a very pleasant one in fact, but it also questioned everything I had thought in regards to that discussion. It made me ask myself if I should follow my great grandfather's ideals, if I had inherited the responsibility of fighting for a better future for my home country...

I have been away for five years and honestly I don't see myself going back, but does that mean that I am turning my back on everything he wanted his country to become? What would he say to me if I had the chance to talk to him?

According to Inegi (Mexico's statistics department), 50.8% of the people who migrate are between 15 and 24 years old and 25.2% are between 25 and 34. This means that a lot of the Mexicans who are at their peak of productivity are the ones leaving the country, so very little talent is left for the country to change and grow. Inegi also states that only 14.6% of all the migrants return. It is very sad to see that a lot of the young people have given up on doing something for their country. What would need to happen for us to be willing to go back? Will my son ever have the desire to live in a country with so much violence and corruption? Why would he?

To this date there are still a few things that tie me to my Mexican culture like the customs, the food, the traditions, the language and most importantly my family who still lives there... but will that change? Will some of that fade as the country continues to become more hostile?
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