Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mexico!

I was just reading in Facebook all the comments from my Mexican friends about Mexico's 200th birthday celebration. I couldn't help feeling nostalgic. This is the one day every year when I really miss my country… however, this year especially, it feels like I missed a very important event that will become part of its history.
Before yesterday, I never felt the urge to travel to Mexico to celebrate this important holiday, but now I am starting to regret it. It doesn’t matter how many years I live in Canada, the 1st of July will never feel like September the 15th in Mexico.

In the morning, I was listening to the radio and the guy was talking about the bicentennial celebration and ended his comment saying something like “Mexicans are celebrating this holiday by fleeing the country”. It made me feel very sad to realize that after 200 years the image of Mexico today is so deteriorated to the point that foreigners make fun of it. I am sure that the dream of all the people who fought for its independence was for a strong, stable country that would offer its citizens lots of opportunities to grow. However, what I heard in the radio is sadly true, 31% of my Mexican friends in Facebook live somewhere else. I also read a comment by one of my friends that said, “If you are going to complain (about Mexico) go live somewhere else!” … well, actually, that’s what a lot of us have ended up doing.

I feel very proud to be Mexican and I would have loved to be there for this big celebration, as I said before, I don’t think I will ever feel the same celebrating a holiday in any other country, no matter how long I live there. I will never get goosebumps like the ones I get when singing the Mexican anthem, or when watching the Mexican soccer team play in the World Cup. I am Mexican and will continue to be regardless of all the ugly things that are happening there.

Happy 200 Anniversary!!!
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